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Kutnu Promotion Group's Brand Award

Kutnu Promotion Group

The Kutnu Promotion Group, which promotes the Kutnu fabric, Gaziantep's century-old handicrafts, has been awarded the Gaziantep's Brand Value Added Award.
Interactive Marketing Summit titled 'Gaziantep is preparing for Tomorrow through Institutionalization, Innovation and Technology’ organized by the Magazine ‘Marketing Turkey’ was held in Gaziantep Divan Hotel. At the end of the Summit, institutions and firms that added value to Gaziantep were rewarded. In the Survey entitled ‘Gaziantep’s Reputation and Brand Value Performance’ carried out by Marketing Turkey in cooperation with the company ‘Academy Research and Strategic Planning,’ the institutions and organizations that have come to the forefront in the city were determined with the votes of the public and opinion leaders. Kutnu Promotion Group was selected as a brand that added value to Gaziantep because of the efforts made for the celebration of the Kutnu fabric and the brand value of the most important local values ​​of the city as a result of the competition where the evaluation was made according to the ten main criteria. In the ceremony, Kutnu Promotion Group Vice President Füsun Koçer received the award from the Chairman of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, Adil Sani Konukoğlu. Füsun Koçer, who thanked all Gaziantep people for being so worthy of such a good honor, said that he received this award on behalf of Kutnu Promotion Group President Jülide Konukoğlu and Gaziantep Design Workshop.
The Kutnu Fabric Promotion Group, established in the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep, is working to expand the usage areas known as "palace cloth" because it has been used in the kaftans of the sultans, who have woven loop by loop for centuries in the city.
The recent fashion show at the Zeugma Mosaic Museum organized by the Kutnu Promotion Group, headed by Jülide Konukoğlu and presided by Dilek Hanif, who adopted the fabric to the contemporary fashion has been highly appreciated.
Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Cavusoglu, Gaziantep Governor Ali Yerlikaya and Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin followed the defile.

PS: Kutnu is a woven textile with a shiny surface and colorful vertical stripes, made with silk warps (lengthwise yarns) and cotton wefts (crosswise yarns).