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SANKO Holding: We also stand by you Turkey

SANKO Holding: We also stand by you Turkey

SANKO Holding and Konukoglu Family have provided a financial aid of 22 million Turkish liras for their employees and those in need in the last two weeks.

Konukoglu Family has provided a financial aid of 22 million Turkish liras in total for the needy persons to contribute to the solution of the financial problems experienced following the COVID-19 global epidemic.

Abdulkadir Konukoglu, the Honorary President of SANKO Holding, said, “We have no doubt that we will overcome these difficult days by unity, solidarity and harmony in the fight against COVID-19 that has rapidly affected whole world and our country. With this understanding, we have provided cash aid and food support for our big family of 14,000 people, including our colleagues, subcontractors and interns employed at SANKO Holding.

In order to support also our customers during this period and solve health-related financial problems experienced in Turkey and in the countries having a market position in foreign trade, on March 17, we have offered an extension of 60 days until March 31, 2020 ‘without additional late interest‘ for all sales made through SANKO companies, as a part of our sensitivity to our customers and public. In addition, we have granted an additional term of 60 days for the outstanding debts of the customers", and added:
"We were not satisfied with these, and we have provided 21,000 food aid parcels for Campaign of Gonul Seferberliği launched by the Governorship of Gaziantep. Following this, we have provided a total of 60 thousand food aid parcels including 9 thousand food aid parcels to Islahiye, Nizip, Nurdagi, Araban, Yavuzeli, Karkamis and Oguzeli districts of Gaziantep, and about 30 thousand food aid parcels to the cities and districts, where the companies of SANKO Holding are located across Turkey, through Governorships and District Governorships."


Pointing out that Turkey is going through a critical period, Konukoglu emphasized that both the corporations and individuals have responsibility towards society.

Konukoglu said, "Our founder's philosophy is formed as if our country and nation are in, then we are in too.", and added:
"We exist with this understanding, and we will continue to be. We will overcome the problems in unity. We believe that we will overcome this difficult time not only through individual measures, but also through financial contributions of corporations. We have adapted similar resolutions in the past too.  

We always prioritize the interests of needy persons, and our employees, customers and country. We, as industrialists, must continue to produce by all of our means during this period, and maintain the business continuity of our employees and we must not fire any of our employees. It's the time to be in unity.”