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Cement/ Construction / Gaziantep YTONG

The company’s production facility is in Gaziantep, spread over 82,000 sq meters, 8,000 sq meters of which are indoor facilities. One of Ytong’s four plants in Turkey, the fully automated, high-tech Gaziantep plant, began production in 1998.

Gaziantep Ytong produces G2/04 and G4/06 blocks as well as Ytong adhesive as per the specifications set forth in the TS 453 Aerated and Foamed Concrete Construction Materials standards. Producing a modern, environmentally friendly, and efficient, alternative to traditional materials, Gaziantep Ytong has an output of 270,000 m3 aerated blocks per year.

Having been granted the CE and TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Certificates; the company is also a member of the Association of Aerated Cement Producers of Turkey. Gaziantep Ytong is proud to be a part of the SANKO group that singlehandedly undertakes 13% of the country’s aerated cement block production.

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