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Cement/ Construction / Çimko Concrete

Çimko Concrete is a premixed concrete producer that closely follows regional and industrial dynamics in order to invest in concrete batching plants in its region. Çimko has a total of 13 batching plants, 5 of which are in Gaziantep, 1 in Kilis, 1 in Adıyaman, 2 in Kahramanmaraş, 1 in Osmaniye, 1 in Hatay and 1 in Adana. In addition, the company operates 27 mobile and 3 stationary concrete pumps, 141 transmixers to produce and distribute 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete per year.

Pre-mixed concrete is a popular, safe, and cost-effective solution in Turkey which is located in a highly volatile earthquake zone.

Çimko produces pre-mixed concretes from class C8 to C40.  Çimko intents on maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and environmental consciousness, which is why the R&D department is constantly working on these issues as well as cements of special uses and higher strength levels.

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  Akçakoyunlu Köyü Burunucu Mevkii Pazarcık / KAHRAMANMARAŞ - TURKEY